Why your company needs to be trauma-informed

Transform your company with trauma-informed practices! Beside Consulting offers tailor-made training and guidance to strengthen your organization, fostering psychological safety alongside productivity, innovation, and employee well-being. We promote a culture of inclusion and understanding.

Closing the Women’s Health Gap An Opportunity to Improve Lives

Women typically experience longer periods of poor health and varying degrees of disability throughout their lives, known as the "health span" as opposed to the "life span." On average, a woman may endure approximately nine years of compromised health, impacting her ability to fully engage and contribute both at home and in the workforce, thereby diminishing her earning capacity and participation in community activities

How personal trauma impacts your organization’s workplace environment

CEO meets staff personally, uncovers hardships. Trauma affects workplace: productivity, culture, well-being. Beside Consulting offers training for empathy-driven, supportive cultures.

Yoga vs Cognitive Processing Therapy for Military Sexual Trauma–Related PTSD

Exciting news! The study compares the effectiveness of the TCTSY trauma-sensitive yoga model, developed at the Center for Trauma and Embodiment, with the current gold standard treatment, Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), in U.S. women military veterans suffering from PTSD.

Connection and harmony in professional relationships

The power of implementing a trauma-informed approach in the professional context can be transformative. By emphasising trust, empathy, boundary-setting, a healing presence, story-sharing and self-care, we create an environment in which deep, meaningful relationships can thrive.

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Building a sense of belonging, and why it’s so important in the workplace

Building a sense of belonging is crucial for employee well-being and organisational culture. It fosters acceptance, authenticity, and unlocks individual potential, resulting in increased productivity and motivation. By creating a supportive environment and implementing diversity initiatives, a harmonious workplace where all employees thrive can be created.

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Trauma helen door beweging; Zo voel je je veilig in je lichaam

Veilig en uitnodigend. Kennis van trauma is essentieel voor yogaleraren die op deze manier willen lesgeven. Het opbouwen van een veilige relatie met de docent is by trauma sensitive yoga belangrijk.

In conversation with… Esther van der Sande talks about her vision for a trauma-informed world

By Bronwen Firth Esther van der Sande is a [...]

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