About Esther van der Sande

"Trauma is everywhere and all around us, and my goal is to raise the awareness of its effects on the people we know, and the organizations we work in. Armed with this knowledge we can, and will create a more compassionate, productive, and caring society for all". Esther

Trauma helen door beweging; Zo voel je je veilig in je lichaam

Veilig en uitnodigend. Kennis van trauma is essentieel voor yogaleraren die op deze manier willen lesgeven. Het opbouwen van een veilige relatie met de docent is by trauma sensitive yoga belangrijk.

In conversation with… Esther van der Sande talks about her vision for a trauma-informed world

By Bronwen Firth Esther van der Sande is a [...]

Effectiveness of an Extended Yoga Treatment for Women with Chronic PTSD

Yoga has been found to be an effective posttraumatic stress [...]

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